Our primary goal with this show is to promote comics as an art form and get people to turn out and experience the community and medium that we all love. To that end, we have made the art of comics, and the creators responsible, the focus of the show. We are also involving as many local retailers as can participate and a number of outside vendors. These outlets, of course, compliment our attending publishers and artists–without whom there would be no Summit City Comic Con.

Our second big goal with the show is to attract as many younger fans to the show as possible. We consider Summit City Comic Con to be a great opportunity to reach out to kids and help them get invested in comics and reading. In that regard, we are making every effort to work with local schools and libraries to promote the show.

At present, Summit City Comic Con does not host media guests. While media guests can be fun and draw a large crowd, they have a tendency to detract from the attention that comic creators receive and deserve. Again, without those creators, there would be no show.

Summit City Comic Con is hosted in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Fort Wayne has an exceptionally supportive comic and art community that in recent years has supported not just the arts but five (previously more) comic and/or game shops…not including the stores in surrounding counties and other collectible stores. There is a solid community of fans here, and our ease of access to other large cities allows us to attract even more fans who live in proximity. Fort Wayne has also hosted one of the two annual Diamond Retailer Summits, BotCon, and a handful of smaller comic cons.

Summit City Comic Con is proudly held at the Grand Wayne Center, in downtown Fort Wayne. You can learn more about the Grand Wayne Center HERE

We hope to see you at the show!


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